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Every road has a story, every town a tale.

The rich history and culture of our great country is woven into the fabric of our streets, highways, towns and cities. Hidden historical treasures are waiting to be discovered and stories from the past to be told.

Each History Roads episode highlights a town, small city or a region’s offerings exploring the unique culture, specialty foods, museums, regional attractions, shopping, restaurants and more. The Top 5 Things to See and Do are featured as well so tourists can plan their adventure without missing any highlights.

Next, we go back in time and explore the rich history of the town and local region showcasing historical figures and events from the past that framed its history. By exploring and discovering the area’s history, tourists will appreciate their next visit with a historical perspective while revisiting stories from the past.

History Roads – we bring history to you.™ 

History Roads
History Roads - Ellijay, Georgia


We have just completed the final edits to the History Roads Pilot – Ellijay, Georgia. While over a year in the making, mostly due to COVID restrictions, we are please to announce the History Roads Pilot has been wrapped. 

WGAW: #2145766

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